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Why pay for stale old coffee from the supermarket, when you can get the freshest coffee available straight to your door.

We are reimagining coffee in the workplace and at home. Ethically sourced, freshly roasted, whole bean coffee.

world8-64.png Ethically sourced: Because it's the right thing to do

coffee-64.png Freshly Roasted: Your coffee's roast date is written right on your bag

91-Coffee_Bean-64.png Whole Bean: By letting you do the grinding, you keep your coffee's flavor at its best.

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Building the freshest and fastest coffee subscription service isn't easy but it's worth it.

Founder Ben Martinez gives you a rundown on

  • The types of beans we roast

  • How long we roast

  • Why freshness and quality matters

"I'm no expert, but Sumato Coffee is my go to. It's smooth, has just the right flavor, and hits the spot every time."

- James Hadlock | Sumato Coffee Co. Customer Since 2017 | via Google Review

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